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Meet Melissa Schmitt

One of Napa Valley’s premier interior design professionals, Melissa is the Founder and chief creative mind behind the home index. She established the home index as a local resource where interior design professionals and homeowners alike can gain inspiration and access to quality products and knowledge – all without needing to leave the valley.

Melissa offers full service interior design, assisting home and business owners with everything from project management and color consultation to selection of interior finishes and furniture. She is a gifted interior consultant who helps clients save time, enhance their space, communicate with contractors, and navigate design challenges.

What makes Melissa’s success so remarkable is that she’s largely self-taught. She began her career in 2005 after helping to establish Schmitt & Company, a local builder specializing in luxury residential and winery properties. Her passion and aptitude for interiors became apparent after she designed her own home; she was quickly hired by friends and Schmitt & Company clients to transform their properties. Melissa has since emerged as a foremost design-build expert in the area, specializing in space planning and custom interior finishes.

She relishes her role as a problem solver.

“I love coming up with design solutions that are equal parts functional and beautiful. That’s thrilling to me,” Melissa says. “My number one passion is making the world a more joyful place through my designs.”

Our Beginnings

The Schmitt Family


The Home Index would not exist today without Melissa’s vision and dedication to bringing approachable design to the Napa Valley. This vision was furthered with inspiration and support from her contractor husband, Eric Schmitt, and the extended Schmitt family. While the store is only a few years old, the story is not. For over thirty years, the Schmitt family has been involved in various endeavors that have all shared a great love for simple distinctive design and livability.  Eric’s family has been part of the Yountville community since 1967, and both of his parents have been instrumental in making Yountville what it is today. His father Don Schmitt served on the town council and for a couple of terms as mayor, while his mother Sally’s culinary ventures put Yountville on the map for high cuisine. When Don and Sally opened the French Laundry in 1978, Eric followed every detail of its renovation and eventually worked in the kitchen alongside his mother. Drawing inspiration from their pioneering spirit, as well as from the constant construction around him, Eric was quick to transform his passion for construction into a lifelong career in custom building, and the inception of his general contractor business, “Schmitt & Company.”


Eric and Melissa Schmitt formalized Schmitt & Company in 2000 after nearly 20 years of custom building in the Napa Valley. Their longstanding, collaborative relationships with local architects, tradesmen and artisans are evident in everything they do, from some of the valley’s most distinctive homes to boutique wineries and everything in between. With an unparalleled reputation for integrity, innovation and personal service, Schmitt & Company has been fortunate to work through referrals from some of California’s premier architects, and through loyal clientele. With a gift for assimilating the finest details of a space into a distinctive, breathtaking whole, Melissa expanded Schmitt & Company’s offering to include design and custom fabrication services. Beginning with a small line of furnishings, Melissa orchestrated the design of more and more pieces of custom furniture, then architectural components, which evolved into Schmitt & Company’s renowned SC Fabrication studio. Her work on her own home inspired so many requests for advice that she formalized the design brand of Schmitt & Company as well, ultimately offering everything from color consultation to space planning, finish selections, and construction management.

Spearheaded by Eric’s nephew, Joe, SC Fabrication’s years of experience in mix design, mold making and finishing have enabled them to create a high-performing, non-toxic and incredibly customizable product that retains concrete’s natural beauty. From countertops to window sills to furniture, in any number of colors, textures and finishes, concrete’s endless versatility opens up a world of possibility, no matter the size of the project.  Joe has been working in various capacities for Schmitt & Company since he was 17 years old.  Beginning with a foundation in general construction, Joe was exposed immediately to high-profile projects that kindled his natural curiosity and passion for design.  He soon began to explore concrete casting, then welding, and eventually he cultivated the skills and knowledge for his now-renowned work in custom concrete and steel fabrication.